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Accelerated Development, Inc.

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Accel-Dev, Inc.

Accel-Dev, Inc. is a company focused on building web-based solutions for select clients. We are located in Marin County, California.

Accel-Dev stands for Accelerated Development. We have developed a framework and a process that can quickly get clients up-and-running. We call it the 90% solution. Since most of the work on a project is the last 10%, we wanted to build something to get us there as quickly as possible. This system is data-driven and can be quickly and easily customized, allowing us more time to focus on the special needs of a company.

Do you have an older Access or even Excel application you're using that is simply outmoded and only available to single users? We specialize in converting these kinds of applications to the 24/7 acccessibility of the Cloud. You and your users can have real-time access to all your company data from anywhere at anytime, behind a secure firewall.

Accel-Dev primarily works in .NET and SQL technologies. We believe that this works best for the client, as these skillsets are readily available on the market and the technology is widely-used and well-understood.

Accel-Dev can help you reach your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.
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